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My name is Tamondria ("Tee") Cain and I am the Founder and

Chief Empowerment Officer of The Selah Experience. I am a Licensed Minister, Published Author, Wife, Corporate Leader and Entrepreneur from Houston, TX.  My love for retreat/sabbatical weekends started after a job lay off, years of health battles and the death of my Beloved Grandmother. I started to pray and cry out to God that I was EXTREMELY EXHAUSTED. My soul and spirit were barren and empty! I would take annual vacations, but would return home and still be exhausted from all of the activities! My vacations were about adventure and leisure, seeing, doing and experiencing new things. I rarely actually "rested" on vacation.

"When your soul and your spirit are tired, He alone is the only ONE that can refill you!

 I wanted rest. Real rest. and it was then I heard the Lord calling me to “Come alone with me by yourself to a quiet place and get some rest.” Mark 6:31 NIV. I feverishly searched the internet and asked The Lord to lead me to a safe place to be alone with Him. He did that and more and the rest is history.


Now I lead others in partnering with the Father in the ministry of rest. I especially have a heart for leaders, ministers, parents, and caretakers in all forms who serve unselfishly. It is my hearts desire to lead the weary into The Father's presence for a time of rest.


I hope you will join us at one of these life changing retreats. Selah.

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