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Grief to Greater Day Retreat 

August 31, 2024 - North Texas Area 


Grief to Greater Day Retreat

The Selah Experience presents a unique 1-Day Retreat opportunity at the close of  National Grief Awareness. This 1-day "experience" is designed to provide a safe space to gain tools to deal with the pain of loss in it's many forms. Grief not only touches us during the physical loss of a loved one, but grief can be experienced across many situations. "Grief to Greater," is a compassionate retreat experience focused on spiritual healing (in the Presence of The Lord) in a supportive environment.  Through the power of prayer, WORSHIP,  testimony and community encouragement, this retreat experience will help you start the process to transform pain into personal and spiritual growth. TOGETHER, we partner with The Holy Spirit to navigate sorrow and emerge with renewed strength and a deeper connection to The Heavenly Father. You do not have to walk through grief alone. God has comfort for your journey. 

The Details

Opens 2/1/24


August 31st , 2024

Venue: To be Released

Price: $85 per person (Registration Opens 2/1/24)

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