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"Selah" (sɛˈlɑ)

The Selah Experience is a ground breaking retreat ministry focused on leading and encouraging Christian women into the ministry of "rest". Inspired by Jesus' words in Mark 6:31 where Jesus instructs the disciples to come alone with Him by themselves and get some rest, our exclusive and intimate retreat "experiences" are intentionally designed to foster an atmosphere of worship, prayer, reflection and restoration. Our mission is to help  each attendee strengthen their relationship with The Lord by being intentional about spending quality time in His Presence.


The retreat experiences are not conferences. Each retreat is Holy Spirit led for an engaging time of worship, prayer and intimacy with God. During our worship retreats, attendees may choose to rest, read, study, sermon prep, or just "be" with God. We curate the environment, but the Holy Spirit leads every step of the way for a life changing time of refreshing.


Spending time with God is one of the most crucial things we as humans can do for our mental, spiritual and even our physical health. It is in the presence of God that we find peace, comfort, clarity and healing for our souls. We invite those who desire time alone in the presence of the Lord to "come" rest, be renewed and be restored!

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