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My name is Tamondria ("Tee") Cain and I am the Founder and Chief Empowerment Officer of The Selah Experience. I am a Licensed Minister, Published Author, Wife, and Corporate Leader from Houston, TX.  My love for retreat weekends started after a job lay off, years of health battles and just before the death of my beloved grandmother. I started to cry out to God. I could sense God calling me away. I didn't know why. It was just a strong calling. I yielded to the call because I was EXTREMELY EXHAUSTED. My soul and spirit were tired. I felt barren. I was empty! 

"When your soul and your spirit are tired, He alone is the only ONE that can refill you!"

I spent a 3 day weekend alone in a place I had never traveled to.  I fasted. I journaled, prayed, walked the grounds and rested. I felt such peace, comfort and strength. I knew The Lord had directed me there for time with Him. I slowly felt strengthened in my inner being. I didn't know how soon I would need the strength The Lord was pouring into me. Two months later, my beloved grandmother would hear the call and transition back to The Father with my family and myself at her bedside. It was the most difficult time in our family. Amazingly and definitely supernaturally, God had prepared me with strength.

"I did not know it then, but later, I learned,

it was time with Him that had prepared me for both her transition and my own. "

Retreating to spend intentional time with the Lord became and is my lifestyle . I have learned that we not only need time with The Father for rest and restoration; but, we can also retreat at the end of seasons, when  transitioning to higher levels of calling, and also to strengthen our faith. Resting in The Lord's presence has a different purpose for each person when He is the focus.


Now, I lead others into the ministry of restorative rest. Whether I am hosting my own retreats or "experiences", or participating as a facilitator or speaker at someone elses's retreat, it is my hearts desire to lead others into The Father's presence for a time of restoration.  I hope you will join us at one of these life changing "experiences".


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