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The Selah Stipend

What is the Selah Stipend?

The Selah Stipend is the Retreat Assistance Fund for The Selah Experience. This fund was created to assist women in need of a retreat but facing financial constraints. If the full retreat price is beyond your means, we're here to help. While we can't promise specific dates or retreats, we can provide options when openings are available. Once your application is approved, we'll inform you about available retreats and scholarship options to help with the costs of attending.

Applications may be submitted for any Selah Experience Retreat date while slots are available. Only 1 application should be submitted. 

How does the Selah Stipend work?

We encourage women facing financial challenges to apply for the Selah Stipend to help with either the full or partial costs of attending The Selah Experience. Funds are not distributed directly to attendees.   

Here's our step-by-step process:

Each applicant must first complete a Retreat Questionnaire if not previously submitted.
2.Submit a completed application.
3. Our team will review your application within two weeks.
4. If your application is accepted, we will reach out to schedule a face-to-face chat.
5. If approved, we will offer you the specific Selah Experience available for you to attend.
6. You'll have 48 hours to accept the retreat assistance for the provided date.
7. Your retreat space will be reserved.

(*If unable to attend, recipients of The Selah Stipend must notify us at least 4 weeks before the retreat date. No shows will be unable to attend a future retreat and will be removed from our list (with the exception of extreme emergencies). Please kindly respect this policy to allow us to provide opportunities to attend our retreat experiences to others and to honor the benevolence of our donors!) 

Thank you for considering The Selah Experience for your sacred rest, worship and spiritual restoration.

Apply for Retreat Assistance

Thank you for your submission!

Become a donor and help others "experience" a transformative time of rest and worship.*


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